Another week of good blood work for chemo...

David is good to go again for chemo this week...platelets and WBC's were good (low but okay for treatment). Lymphocytes are high...not sure what that means. This will be chemo #25 but they are calling it #26 and next week he should be getting his third set of CT Scans. Hopefully this time they will tell us when the appointment is. He will see the oncologist in the morning for his monthly check in and updated CEA results. They have fluctuated all over 6 to 17 to 25 then way down to 1.9. Hoping they are ZERO by now! I guess we're both pretty much settled into the weekly maintanence chemo schedule by now...all of the people at the hospital are familiar faces and know him by first name. The nurses there are so great, and we appreciate how they really do seem to care. I have gotten to look forward to the appointments since it is really the only outing we have anymore. He keeps his chin up and has a positive attitude about the chemo working and I think that is key. Blessings to all of you battling this disease as he does, and to the family members also affected by this illness.
Danni sent you a hug.
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So glad to hear that chemo is progressing well. The oncology nurses really are great, aren't they? Not seeing them was the only thing I missed when chemo ended! Tell David that we here at BFAC are sending lots of prayers and good energy his way, hoping for the best possible outcome. Hugs-Ann

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October 14, 2011

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February 2, 2011

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Neuropathy, Fatigue, loss of mental clarity

Liver, Lymph, Lung

People stopped calling after initial dx, why don't they call him?

Hembree Cancer Center Ft. Smith, AR

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